Welcome to Issi Netball Club's 
Issi is a growing netball club with a number of different teams playing in different leagues in Hertfordshire and Essex.
We are also a very social club who have a Christmas party every year and go away for an annual netball weekend.

For the 2018/2019 season we will have the following teams:

 Team Winter/Summer  Venue  Division  Match day 
Tigers Winter  Turnford  Monday 
Leopards  Winter  Turnford  Monday 
 Cougars Winter  Harlow  Tuesday 
 Jaguars Winter  Harlow  2 Tuesday 
 Lions Winter  Wodson  Wednesday 
 Pumas Winter  Wodson  Saturday

TeamWinter/Summer Venue Division Match day 
CougarsSummerTurnford 3Tuesday
JaguarsSummerTurnford 3Tuesday
CheetahsSummerTurnford 4Tuesday

Issi Cougars, Jaguars & Cheetahs

These are our 3 teams who play in the Harlow Winter League on a Tuesday night.
We have 1 team in the 2nd Division, 1 team in the 3rd Division and 1 team in the 4th Division.
At the end of the winter league in 2017 Jaguars were promoted up to the 3rd Division after a great Winter season.  Jaguars were also awarded the BEST defence for the whole Harlow league which includes all 4 divisions - what an amazing achievement! 

We also have all 3 teams compete in the Summer league in Turnford.
Here's to a great summer season!

Issi Pumas

Pumas play on a Saturday morning at Wodson Park, and last season they won the Saturday league!                                                                                                                   

Issi Lions:

The Lions had a great season and came 4th in the Wednesday night Winter season at Wodson Park.
This season they will play in the same league on the same night. 

Issi Leopards and Tigers:

Both of these teams play at Turnford on a Monday in the Winter league.

Looking for a Club?

If you are looking for a club to join, then look no further! We are always looking to recruit new members to our squad and grow as a club.
Please email our player/coach Becky Scott.  We train once a month in Ware during the winter season. We look forward to hearing and hopefully seeing you in the near future!

Are you an Umpire?

We are looking for umpires - if you are looking to umpire more regularly or have no team to umpire for, please email Becky Scott