History of Issi Herts

Issi Herts used to be called Harris Netball Club up until 2005-2006, when the club changed its name to Issi Herts due to Issi Hairdressers sponsoring the club.

Lisa & Paula are the original players that have played for the club since the stone age and have seen the club grow from strength to strength.

Paula decided to retire from netball at the end of last season (2016) but still has an interest and will help out when needed.  Lisa on the other hand are still going strong and currently playing every week......although I imagine this is getting harder and harder as the years go on..........;-)

Becky has played for Harris/Issi for a number of years, and has also been the coach.  She has been on several coaching courses, and was even asked to train a team in Spain last year.......that's how good she is :-)

We are signing up more and more players each season so our Issi family is growing from strength to strength!