ISSI HERTS Issi Jaguars squad

Issi Jaguars Issi Jaguars

Captain : Lisa Roberts

Been at Issi Herts for the longest out of the existing players. Preferred positon is WD, however can play GD, WA or even shoot!

Vice Captain : Nikki Duffell

My 2nd season at Issi playing for the Cougars tues in the winter & mon in the summer. Also the Tigers in the Winter on a Monday and the Puma's in the summer on a Saturday. Fav positions GA/GS
Emma Phillips
Been with Issi for a while now. Preferred position is C, however will play any other centre court position and also defence.

Also play for Bishops Stortford on a Saturday afternoon at Sele School in Hertford.
Kennedy Reed
Been with Issi for a while. Preferred position is WD, although can play other defence positions as well as WA. Wouldn't put me in a GS :-)

Claire Shaw
I've played at the club since 1994, started off as Centre (when I was young and fit!) but now play goal defence. I also play on Saturdays at Woodson Park for Issi Pumas.

Kelly Walton
I am predominantly a centre court player although am happy to play in the defensive circle :o)

I have 2 small boys (born 2010 and 2012) and therefore am not as fit or as available as I used to be!!!
Sophie Watkins
Been with Issi Herts for a while. Preferred position is GD, although play WD and GK as well.
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