ISSI HERTS Issi Pumas squad

Issi Pumas Issi Pumas

Captain : Natalie Williams

Been playing for Issi for a few years and really enjoy the club and the members. Love playing WD but generally a centre court player.

Vice Captain : Claire Virgin Page

New to Issi this season. Preferred position is C, however a good centre court player.

Hannah Cozens
Been playing netball for what seems forever. My favourite position is WA but having helped Bishop Stortford out for one game (seven years ago), I can play most positions - could be described as versatile
Emma Phillips
Been with Issi for a while now. Preferred position is C, however will play any other centre court position and also defence.

Also play for Bishops Stortford on a Saturday afternoon at Sele School in Hertford.
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