ISSI HERTS Issi Leopards squad

Issi Leopards Issi Leopards

Captain : Brianne Howsen

Vice Captain : Lauren Howsen

Emma Phillips
Been with Issi for a while now. Preferred position is C, however will play any other centre court position and also defence.

Also play for Bishops Stortford on a Saturday afternoon at Sele School in Hertford.
Becky Scott
I am the player/coach of the club. I have been playing netball since I can remember and also hold the world record for the longest ever netball matched played at 55 hours ::))) and yes it hurt!
Claire Shaw
I've played at the club since 1994, started off as Centre (when I was young and fit!) but now play goal defence. I also play on Saturdays at Woodson Park for Issi Pumas.

Sophie Watkins
Been with Issi Herts for a while. Preferred position is GD, although play WD and GK as well.
Performance history
Winter 2016/20179422
Winter 2015/20166103
Winter 2014/201516826
Winter 2013/2014161114
Winter 2012/1317607
Winter 2011/129801
Winter 2010/11131001